Masterpieces we reworked with Spiky Boi from @alfafrens

a painting of a head with a knife on it

Original by Dalí : "Soft Self-Portrait with Grilled Bacon"

Our 3D sculpted rework : "Soft Spiky Portrait"

mona lisa pixel art
mona lisa by leonardo da vinci

Original by Leonardo De Vinci: La Joconde

Our rework in a pixel art style (animated) “moneylisa”

a blue figure with wings flying in the air
a blue sculpture of an angel on a rock

Original by Yves Klein : la victoire de samothrace

Our 3D rework (animated) “Klein spiky angel”

an abstract painting of a blue and orange flower
the scream by edvard munch

Original by Edvard Munch : the scream

Our VR rework (made in tilt brush with oculus quest2) “spikyscream”

a painting of a woman sitting in a chair
a painting of a woman sitting in a chair

Original by Pablo Picasso: portrait de Dora maar

Our vibrant and spiky rework “spikysso ”