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anemale is a meeting between friendship and art that began more than 15 years ago.

They have built each other around music, art, creation. The strength of this alliance allows them to stimulate each other in their respective projects. In October 2021 they decide to create anemale.

The whole concept is to give free rein to the artist's imagination while linking the collections to each other, everything is connected on a multidisciplinary artistic project.

The artist cannot bring himself to create a work without completing another universe in which he is perpetually evolving.

His creations are worked from different angles like from organic to technologic, intuitive crafting to conceptual, material to immaterial to constantly feed his imagination.

His friend who’s at first a collector and the most curious art finder orients him, stimulates him, awakens his senses and wishes to spread his art throughout the world.

The project is supported by a caring community of collectors, artists and people who open the doors to us one by one. We had never experienced this before.

The project born in 2021 on FTM

is today building on BASE

Here are the 4 universes where the project will evolve:

Collection: "Dreams"

The desire is to shape what touches the unconscious, the metamorphosis, a visual trip subject to individual interpretation, an intrapsychic journey that invites each person to question their consciousness deep within themselves.

Dreams 1st collection 14 NFT “Organic Visions” Sold Out Gallery Click-

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Anihimale dreams 100 NFT - in process - click

Dreams 2nd collection “Organic Naps” next

Fluid Matter from Mind 66 NFT - click

Collection: "Symbolic"

The artist expresses his feelings, his memories, his critique of society. With a look firmly anchored in reality, he will transcribe his feelings through drawing, 3D, and all other mediums. Everyone's fears, inspirations and buried fantasies will be questioned in each of the works. The idea is to form an artistic coherence between the symbolic elements forming this piece while detailing it with precision and telling Little stories of Life, transposed in an esthetic worlds from past to futur , concrete to imaginary, here and outerspace.

Symbolic 1st 5 NFT "Symbolic illustrations" Sold

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Symbolic 3rd «introspective» 20 NFT Sold Out.

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Symbolic nature 25 NFT

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Symbolic citees 1850 NFT

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Symbolic villages - in process click

Symbolic pixels - in process click

Animations symbolic - in process click

Collection "Futurism and Spirituality"

A series of fashion creatures in space and inter-dimensional divination is in the works. A series of characters who will have different characteristics. The first series will be made up of 20 worlds where the different characters will evolve in each universe, they will then have different capacities, characteristics, and appearance. To this series will be added extras, a series of horizontal landscapes of each dimension , planets And a space map to travel between these worlds.

Inter dimensional Cards - in progress

*Maps - add

*Planets - add

Collection: "Creative expansion"

There are always surprises in a project, which is precisely what characterizes this expansive collection of anemale. The goal here is to constantly think about creating new things intimately linked to the first 3 collections. So there will be special occasions like Halloween, collaborations, but also a musical project, poems, fashion, video creation here, the duo's imagination will be the only limit.

Creative expansion 1st "Halloween Special entrance" 6 NFT Sold out

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SELFLESSNESS collaboration with Eira 1 NFT Sold out


Ceramic god outerspace - collaboration with kvarters 1NFT

Should Out


Remake of Fantom baby punks 27 NFT

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Eco injection 3 NFT on superrare


Tributes to Uman 4 NFT Sold Out


anemale - NFT.NYC 2022 Commemorative Ticket Stub - GA 1 NFT Sold Out



Pepe - in process click

Alfaart - in process click

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